Local Church Offerings

Why support local churches when offerings are received? We all want to be sure to direct our giving in ways that make a difference, and there are many needs in the world.

United Methodist Churches are providing a spiritual presence in communities throughout the world. We are there to provide worship experiences that help us hear the message of God’s saving love, and allow us to devote our lives and love to the things that matter the most. We are there to help couples invite God into the covenant of marriage, and to recognize children and adults as God’s children through the sacrament of baptism. In celebrating communion, we remember Christ’s love for us, and our connection with one another. When loved ones die, we remember their lives in the context of eternity, and celebrate our belief that God values all persons. We care for the sick, reach out to one another in love, learn in relationship with God and each other, and practice the tough art of forgiveness. Together with others, we serve our communities and provide for those in need.

Local churches are not perfect, but we believe that we provide an important presence that transcends that passing values of the world and the messages that that deceive human beings into believing there is no hope, or that they will never be good enough, or that their lives will never matter much anyway.

When you contribute to a local United Methodist Church, anywhere from 80-90% of that offering stays in that church to support its ministries.  This includes worship materials, program supplies, and staff costs as well as the more mundane stuff like building insurance, heat, electricity, and office equipment.

The remainder of your offerings support the shared ministries of the United Methodist Church at the District and Conference level and at the General Church level. (We call these “Ministry Shares.”) Some of these may seem more exciting, but none of them would be possible without local United Methodists churches witnessing to the love of God at home.

Local Church Giving Resources

The United Methodist Church offers local churches many resources to use in planning and sharing God”s Gifts.

You can find some of those resources by clicking here.