Your Gifts Make a World of Difference!

Seven times throughout the year, United Methodist congregations celebrate church-wide Special Sundays with offerings. Your support is critical to the survival of these important ministries and for sharing God’s gifts around the world. Your support matters!  For more information, click here.

Church-wide Special Sundays with offerings enable United Methodists like you to offer refuge in times of disaster, promote peace and justice, provide scholarships and student loans, reach out to the community, teach skills to encourage self-sufficiency and share the love of Jesus Christ with God’s people everywhere

Special Offerings are scheduled for particular Sundays during the year (you can see the listings below,) but your church may choose other dates to receive these gifts if you choose. If you have questions about any of the specific Special Sunday offerings, click the links below for a description of each Special Sunday.

These seven Special Offerings that are taken in the West Michigan Conference every year:

  • Racial Ethnic Local Church (RELC) – February 5, 2017, Lane 5
  • Golden Cross Sunday – May 7, 2017, Lane 6
    • Up to 50 percent stays in the congregation to be used in ministry concerned with disabilities, aging and health care concerns. The rest goes to the Conference for the Methodist Children’s Home Society, Clark Retirement Cominity and Bronson Methodist Hospital
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  • UM Volunteer in Mission Awareness Sunday – June 4, 2017
    • Funds received from this offering will be used for scholarships for West Michigan VIMs or to assist VIM teams with their expenses. All churches are encouraged to use a Volunteer in Mission as a speaker on that Sunday
  • Rural Life Sunday – August 20, 2017, Lane 6
    • Strengthens the work of ministries in town and rural areas of concern within the West Michigan Conference
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  • Christian Education Sunday – September 10, 2017, Lane 6
    • Undergirds the work to provide training in Christian education within the Conference
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  • Disability Awareness Sunday – October 22, 2017 (no offering)
  • Camp Sunday – Date determined by the local church, Lane 6
    • Helps equip and upgrade the Conference-owned campsites: Albright, Crystal Springs, Lake Michigan, Lakeview and Wesley Woods
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