What if— all congregations paid 100% of their Ministry Shares?

(The average amount of unpaid Ministry Shares every year is about $1 million)

  1. Ministry Shares Rate in 2014 would be reduced to 9.3%.
  2. $1 million could be invested in an endowment that would benefit many ministries for years to come.
  3. $1 million would allow some of the significant capital improvements/facilities expansions on our camping property or campus ministries to move forward.
  4. Each $50,000 increment would be used for camp scholarships, and seminary or college scholarships.
  5. Each $100,000 increment could support the following
    • Allow additional expansion of the Vital Church Initiative aimed at revitalizing congregations
    • Congregation to launch a multi-use worship experience
    • Launch a new congregation
    • Expansion of staff leadership in areas currently under-supported
    • Other ministry possibilities
  6. Each additional dollar received could be part of resources directed to district, conference, national, or global ministries of evangelism, justice and compassion