Lane 1 – Missionary Support

Go into all the world and bring my good news to everyone, everywhere! —Matthew 28:19

The Mission Highway stretches back to the time of Jesus when he said to his followers, “Go to everyone, everywhere!” So what happens today when God says, “Go!”? There are some, our missionaries, who are able to “go everywhere” in the name of Christ. The General Board of Global Ministries now has missionaries in 70 countries. Through our missionary support—both dollars and prayers– we help them reach out to places we can’t go ourselves. Believing that God’s love is shared with others through service, relationship building, mutuality, and a presence that shows respect for all cultures, our missionaries are seeking to learn as well as to teach; to receive as well as to give.

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The West Michigan Conference is advancing into the world by supporting the missionaries you will meet in our Face-to-Face Missionary Directory.

Rebecca Smallwood

Rebecca Smallwood

Teacher Red Bird School

(606) 598-2416