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From the Offering Plate to the World – Where the dollars go…

Our giving to the church is our way of saying that our individual churches share in the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world. Through our connectional system as The United Methodist Church, the money we give each week in the offering plate is divided and distributed to people and places in need.

As United Methodists, we work together as God’s people. Our pool of money becomes a powerful resource that can accomplish far more than any one individual or congregation can do. In this spirit, we are able to say that our church budgets do not set the outer limits of our generosity but as vehicles of God’s grace – from the offering plate – into the world beyond.

So, where exactly do the dollars go?

Good question! When we give to our United Methodist Church, our giving is divided into many pieces, and goes to many different places. It generally goes to support five significant areas. Based on compilation of the 2015 Table II reports, our West Michigan churches provided $71.5 million to support all ministries.

90.1% stays in our local church

The largest portion of our expenditure in the West Michigan Conference churches is spent in the local church. This includes operating and program expenses, pastor salaries and expenses, debt payment and benevolences paid directly to various causes designated by the local church.

(Study your church budget and be engaged in the ministries of our home church.)

9.9% goes to the Conference Treasurer for further distribution to four other areas

      (Explore the links below to access information that will help you interpret and tell the story about the good works in these areas of ministry.)

  • 6.2% goes to Conference Programs and Ministries

The West Michigan Conference Budget is the ministry map that charts the course of our shared mission and ministry as a conference. This is the portion of our Ministry Shares that stays in our conference. Click on the link below to get an overview of the West Michigan Conference Budget.

West Michigan Conference Budget

  • 1.5% goes to Advance Specials and Six-Lanes designated by local churches

This portion of our giving goes to projects outside the conference budget. These are Six-Lanes and Advance Special funds of the conference and the general church. One hundred percent of the money goes to designated programs like UMCOR and missionaries or mission projects listed on the Advance Special publication. Explore the links below to learn more about this giving opportunity.

Second-Mile Giving to General Advance Specials

Six-Lanes Projects of the West Michigan Conference

  • 1.6% goes to General Church Apportioned Funds

A portion of our Ministry Shares giving goes to fund ministries around the world through the General Church Apportioned Funds.  Explore the links below to learn more about these important ministry areas in our life together as United Methodists.

World Service Fund

Episcopal Fund

General Administration Fund

Interdenominational Cooperation Fund

Africa University

Black College Fund

  .6% goes to District Ministry Funds

 A portion of our giving goes to fund ministries and projects designated and approved by the respective District Conferences.

(Contact your District Office to learn more about the District ministries in your community.)

 Thank you for your prayers and financial support of our shared mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Visit the Treasurers website www.wmc.umconline.org to track your financial giving to Ministry Shares.

QUESTIONS? Contact Us…

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