Welcome to Connectional Giving for the West Michigan Conference.  Here you will find connectional giving information and resources for conference and local church leaders.

Where The Dollars Go

Through our connectional system as The United Methodist Church, the money we give each week in the offering plate is divided and distributed to people and places in need.

Budget Narratives

See the annual budget narratives for the West Michigan Conference.

2017 Special Sunday Offerings

Six times throughout the year, United Methodist congregations celebrate church-wide Special Sundays with offerings. Your support is critical to the survival of these important ministries and for sharing God’s gifts around the world.

Advance Giving

The Advance (short for The Advance for Christ and His Church) is Methodist “lingo” for designated giving to specific projects through the United Methodist Church.  It’s one way for people to direct their dollars to specific needs they feel called to support.

Six Lanes

There’s a map that helps us travel the Mission Highway. It’s called the “Six Lanes of The Advance” and it deals with Second Mile Giving above and beyond our basic responsibilities for outreach.

Ministry Shares

Each additional dollar received could be part of resources directed to district, conference, national, or global ministries of evangelism, justice and compassion

How Have We Done With This Giving